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Don’t Wash Your Cellphone
November 22, 2009, 11:36 am
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cellphone in washing machineI know people that have dropped their cellphones into the toilet, sink or tub; left them outside in the rain; and even one that managed to microwave their cellphone. I have now joined the ranks of the cellphone abusers.  I forgot to empty my pockets before doing laundry and my cellphone got washed with a load of jeans.

I put the phone in the refrigerator over night because I had read that the “fridge” would dry it out. If it didn’t work, it could just be thrown out during the next refrigerator  clean out and food dismissal.

“I have some bad news. We are cutting back and I’m going to have to let some of you go. I’m sorry spinach, but you let me down. I’m also gonna have to lose the asparagus, seven partial bottles of outdated salad dressing, the carryout leftovers and the fuzzy/mystery thing in the tupperware.  We had good intentions to use you guys, but you just didn’t stand out enough and you let yourself get pushed to the back. Goodbye milk. Goodbye prunes – you were just mere plums when you started here. Nice knowing you salad. Goodbye cellphone. Cellphone? Oh yeah… I remember putting that in here.”

Ok, after spending the night in the fridge, it was time for the phone’s big test. I put the battery back in and to my surprise – it came back to life!  I was able to make and receive calls and the rest of the buttons seem to function. I was quite pleased with the refrigerator fix… but alas, after a few minutes of warming up, the phone started to lose some functions, a few buttons began to not respond and it could no longer get a signal.  Think L-Dopa in the movie Awakenings. The power button would not shut it off – it refused to die. I have created a zombie phone. The only way to stop it now was to shoot it in the head (or pull the battery). I pulled the battery and it was Goodnight Moto.

What is the future of my phone?
Will I have to tuck it in everynight in the salad crisper – to gain a few moments of usabilty, but then have it to return to it’s catatonic state as it warms up?

Will I have to make all calls outside in the dead of winter?

Should I toss it and get something new?

We’ll soon see…


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I heard you could put them in a bag of rice to dry them out. If it doesn’t work, though, maybe you can get an iPhone or some other cool new thing.

Comment by Vickie

If you want a new fancy phone I will get you one for Christmas. Go pick it out and I will pay for it for you.

Comment by cindy

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